Film & Media Technology

Filmmaking services

We understand every project is unique; whatever your project's requirements, we can bring it to life with a high quality video.

Stunning visuals, and seamless editing bring an unparalleled production value to your ideas.

We use high-end filmmaking techniques to deliver high quality marketing material to your business - driving brand recognition and product sales.

Whether you want to capture the best day of your life with a beautiful wedding montage, get famous with your band's latest hit or marvel as your vision comes to life on the big screen. Whatever the project - we can do it.

Stand out from the crowd with a high quality cinematic video using Hollywood camera and colour-grading techniques.

Services we provide:
  • Corporate videos for internal and external use
  • Wedding videos for the ceremony and the whole event
  • Music videos, fashion shoots and other creative applications

Anything else? Get in touch with us with any idea and we'll work with you to bring it to life.

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Visual Effects and CGI

We can bring your ideas to life: however complicated or ambitious they may seem - whether you require an alien environment for your next sci-fi film or a photo-realistic architectural pre-visualisation for your latest development - cgi can make it happen.

Wow your clients with high quality, realistic animation and stills that add a whole new dimension to your project - be a part of the latest innovations in digital content creation as we help you take your vision to the next level.

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Services we provide:
  • Creative visual effects for film and commercial
    • Modelling
    • Animation
    • Material design
    • Compositing
  • Architecture pre-visualisation
  • Product videos

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